Prophetic words for Creare

  • Team ministry
  • stablish little things all over the place – release people all over the place. You will see many signs and wonders take place
  • God says decisions will be made for you that maybe you don‘t like, but the Lord says as you submit to these decisions, submit to even higher authority, says the Spirit of God
  • David of this hour that goes to many places and the Lord says even times and cities even continents will be set alight
  • This is a launch pad
  • A lot of you will not be here for a very long time
  • Be disciplined
  • And the quiver is more than full because the Lord puts the arrows in the quiver and He‘s been putting them in faster than you‘ve been shooting them out. Start shooting some out there.
  • et it influence even the Church leaders; let it influence even those who believe in the God that they called their Lord. Let there be a new strength of reconciliation, a new strength of love.
  • As you keep humble and as you keep a contrite heart before Me says God, many will be birthed for the Lord.
  • Know I am doing it for a purpose says the Lord that My strength and my anointing may grow stronger in you says the Spirit of God.
  • Creare Bloemfontein: will be a good and strong base; good admin and infrastructure will be developed; intercession teams will be established


  • Deal with the strong men before you deal with the people.
  • Spiritual warfare – coming against the powers of darkness over areas and even countries, you must do that before you can minister to people, then you shall see even My anointing flow as you never thought possible.
  • International establishment of Creare all over the world in 1998-2000.
  • Creare will spread abroad and is being raised up quickly.
  • Albania and Greece are countries to be reached in the future.
  • People that you will begin to raise and people that you will begin to equip will get into Madagascar.

That even into different regions up in the north of South Africa, there‘s going to be many, many teams that are going to go up; many open doors are going to be given to you.

THE TEAM 1997 I see my brother is soaring very high in the Spirit – I see you fly in a flock – at the same time you will all fly together and fellowship together. The Lord says you will ALL begin to play a part. A PROPHETIC FOUNDATION I see the nature of the Training Centre is going to change. The nature of the Creative School is going to change. God is adding the prophetic dimension to override all other dimensions. There is a change coming in the Creare Training Centre. There is a change that is coming in the way the Centre is going to be run, in the way the Centre is going to be designed, the way the Centre is going to be giving its training and its equipping. A lot of the material is going to become more and more prophetic, so that it will ultimately evolve to become a strong prophetic Centre. 2001 MULTIMEDIA Dr Jonathan David – April 2005 Because I am raising up a new generation. They will rise in business, they will rise in education. They will rise in every field; they will rise in the multimedia industry, they will become journalists, they will begin to rise. They will be reporters; they will rise even in the film industry. They will begin to rise in all kinds of ways; you will see men like Daniel whose hearts are pure and they will begin to rise, and they will begin to reveal to the earth a purity that the world has not seen before. And they will say: who is this coming on the horizon?