Kendon Sharp:

"I praise God for the opportunity I had at Creare to grow under the guidance of God fearing leaders! They believed in me and challenged me according to the potential they saw in me. For the first time I began to hear the voice of God clearly and my identity and purpose in life become clear - this has given meaning to everything I do in life!"
Cape Town

Chane Mofolo - The ABC Band ZA:

"At Creare I learned to have quality relationships with God and others and at the same time I grew in Godly character. I gained skill and excellence in the music industry, understanding the purpose of wealth and so much more for life. This has given me a perspective that has become the foundation for my life in business and the music industry."
(bloemfontein) The ABC Band ZA

Gregor Zelder:

"As a perspectiveless drug addict I didn't know about God and His awesome destiny for me. After 4 years of getting to know God, lots of deliverance and restoration, training and being built up I returned home to Austria. My life had totally changed. I now serve as senior pastor of The Feuerhaus Church which we planted. We now teach Creare classes and I have my own record label and studio. My experience at Creare prepared me and set me up to live out Father's dream."

Lana Bramley :

"I didn’t know what do do after school. I decided to join Creare after seeing the lives of the Creare students at our church, It was a year filled learning to hear the voice of the Father and how He establishes my identity. This positioned me to know what God's plan was for my life, and how walking in obedience cultivates uncircumstancial joy."

Merten Jansen van Rensburg:

"My time spent at Creare was filled with learning God's Word and being around people who challenged me on a daily basis to build a solid relationship with God. These foundations that were put in place during that time were the guideline for my time at University. It opened up so many opportunities to influence others and give answers to those who needed them."

Kamil Mahabeer:

"I used to be a very shy person who would freak out at the thought of talking in front of people as well as playing music in front of people. I grew in boldness, confidence and being comfortable in my own skin. This came about through the opportunities at Creare because it pushed me to hold onto God with everything that I have."

Maria Kuybysheva:

“When I was 19 God challenged me to dedicate my whole life to Him, not to pursue my own ambitions or desires but only to be where His presence is. Shortly after that a team from Creare ministered in Moscow and invited me to come to Creare in SA. There God confirmed and established my calling to reach the nations and teach them about true worship and a genuine relationship with God. So after studying at Creare for a year I came back to Russia and started a Creare base here. Now God is using this base to reach other nations too!"

Ronald M. Ssenyonjo :

"Creare sent a team to Uganda early 2005 – it changed my life! I took music, worship perspective and word studies. Before long there was remarkable growth in my life and the way I ministered. It got even better when I started coming to Creare in South Africa… I have been launched into greater heights of readiness and effective service in God's Kingdom across Uganda and Rwanda."