The Creare Training Centre is a development centre that specializes in Bible studies, Christian arts, outreaches and mission work. It is a ministry under the supervision and guidance of Our Father’s Home church. It offers PART-TIME and FULL-TIME training.

Creare has 10 academies where people can attend classes in: Music, Drama, Dance, Art, Multimedia, Word Studies, Missions, Prophetic, Worship, and Skills training.

The FULL-TIME programme at Creare Training Centre is intended for people who would like to be trained in the Creare Academies for a specific period of time – they stay in Creare student houses and become part of the discipleship programme at Our Father’s Home Church. This programme is facilitated either as part of a “GAP YEAR” or specific academy studies with Bible-based ministry focuses. Those who enroll for this programme do so according to their choice based on their human rights as Christians to practice their faith.

More than 90% of all classes taught by Creare Training Centre are PART-TIME and are attended by people from many different beliefs (ethnic groups, religious and/or lifestyles). The syllabi taught by Creare Training Centre are all Bible-based. Students who attend these classes are not expected to change their beliefs, and encouraged to further their studies at Creare on a part-time basis and also attend Training Conferences, which run during the holidays.

There are:

  • More than 200 part-time students who attend weekly classes in Bloemfontein.
  • More than 1300 students who attend weekly classes presented by full-time touring teams in ±35 towns.
  • More than 3500 students attending classes presented by members of 10 touring teams – who visit towns and cities in all provinces - during the third term.