About Us

Creare Training Centre is a theocentric Arts, Skills and Ministry training institute based in Bloemfontein, South Africa. It was established in 1994 and continues to train and reach not only South Africa but also other countries far and wide.


  • Disciple people for their function that they will fulfill in their community and working environment.
  • Build character, knowledge and skills into their lives so that they can build quality in others.
  • Train people in excellence so that they can progressively raise the standard of training for others.
  • Activate the potential in people as nation builders.
  • Plant facilities to train, reach and empower more communities.
  • Reach the un-reached and underprivileged, in South Africa and abroad.
  • Enjoy as the harvest of the seed, that is sown in the community and nations grows!
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Creare Training Centre is a registered non-profit organization, NPO number: 031-065 NPO
It is administrated by Our Father’s Home Church, but it is a separate entity to the church, sharing some of the same facilities. It is a community-based centre, focused on reaching the public. Creare Training Centre’s values are Christian-based; however, people of all races, genders, nationalities and cultures are encouraged to attend courses, training conferences and other programmes run by the centre. Although Creare Training Centre requires students who are part of the Full-Time Discipleship program to be Christian, Creare Training Centre does not discourage, discriminate against or segregate anyone with differing beliefs from attending classes at Creare Training Centre; they are respected as people in their own right.